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Quality of Swiss Nature

In naturopathy, there is a large number of people with very different knowledge and differentiated ideas. It is not easy to practice naturopathy seriously and believably since the internet is full of dubious information and reports, and building trust is not done overnight. None the less, santénatur was able to establish a trusted brand over the years.

We do not know everything and cannot do everything, but what we do, we do out of conviction and with the corresponding knowledge in the background. Continuous training and further education is a must and helps us to move forward. We develop helpful natural remedies and recommend proven brand products.

The Brand

After Walter Käch's field of activity within the Dropa Drogerie Käch became bigger and bigger, he decided to found a third company. Under the label Santénatur, the areas of training, education and courses are operated. The company's own product developments are also carried out under this label. Above all, of course, the incomparable "Santénatur" potato balm. Santénatur is a protected and registered trademark. The UID of Santénatur is: CHE-498.923.663