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Walter Käch

Inventor of Potato Cream

Walter Käch is an Swiss Dipl. Druggist, trainer and naturopathic specialist. With over 33 years of professional experience, he now runs his own Drugstores & Santenatur business. He teaches about 30 – 40 days a year Dr. Schüssler tissue Salts professional educations in Switzerland and Europe.

Through more than 1500 evening events in the last 15 years to Dr. Schüssler tissue salts and other naturopathic topics, comes a wealth of experience together. Dr. Schüssler tissue salts congresses in Italy, Spain and Lithuania have already booked Walter Käch as a professional speaker.

The Inventor

This wonderfully fragrant potato balm was developed by the druggist Walter Käch from Hochdorf. He noticed that potato juice has a strong softening effect on the skin, even in severe and persistent cases. What could be more natural than to make this very special extract the basis of a skin care product?

Walter Käch


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