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Some words about

Walter Käch

Inventor of the Potato Balm

Walter Käch is a Swiss Dipl. Druggist, trainer and naturopathic specialist. With over 30 years of professional experience, he now runs his own Drugstores & Santenatur business. He teaches about 30 – 40 days a year Dr. Schüssler tissue salts professional educations in Switzerland and Europe.

In the last 15 years Walter Käch has made a name for himself as a Schüssler tissue salts and natural remedy specialist. More than 1500 evening events and more than 500 training days for professional staff form the base of a wealth of experience and knowledge.

The Inventor

This wonderfully fragrant potato balm was developed by the druggist Walter Käch from Hochdorf. He noticed that potato juice has a strong softening effect on the skin, even in severe and persistent cases. What could be more natural than to make this very special extract the basis of a skin care product?