Potatocream - Hand, Feet & Skin (no fragrance)

Santénatur Potato Balm “Hand, Feet & Skin” from your specialist shop is a unique product to replace the well-tried potato wrap. The combination contains a large proportion of potato juice (organic/Switzerland or Germany) from fresh potatoes.

The perfume consists of a very effective but mild mixture of essential oils, which are used especially in winter. The main raw materials are jojoba oil, almond oil and vegetable waxes/oils.

Antibacterial & Antiviral

The essential oils contained in Potato Balm have an antibacterial & antiviral property.

Apply on whole body

The Potato Balm can be used on nearly any body part due to its high skin toleration.

No tacky finish

The cream is absorbed fast and hydrates the skin immediately after use.

Available as 150ml tube

Repair effect

Repairs cracked skin, brittle skin with calluses, scaly skin, irritated skin, flaking skin, psoriasis treatment, acne scar treatment, dry eczema treatment and more.

Skin care

The combination of potato juice (Organic/Switzerland) of fresh potatoes and diluted mineral (mineral salts) substances will give you a unique skin care effect.

Very well tolerated

It contains a natural base with organic potato juice and minerals and no fragrances.


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