Potatocream - Cold Times

Cold-Times is like a Modern, up-to-date application instead of a "Potato Compress” that warms and cares during the cold time. The smooth crème is absorbed fast by the skin . The etheric oils support you through the cold and are made for all ages. You can use Natural Potato Children Cream in the chest and back area instead of the potato-to-use wrap. No risk of scalding, quick and easy, hygienic and clean.

Potatocream Winterbalm contains neither petroleum distillates no paraben or paraffin, and the scent consists of natural essential oil’s and is therefore very well tolerated. Rub/ Massage Natural Potato Children Cream on the chest and back for stronger effect , cover it up with a warm towel or tissue. In Switzerland, this kind of care has been practiced for hundreds of years against colds.

Antibacterial & Antiviral

The essential oils contained in Potato Balm have an antibacterial & antiviral property.

No potato Smell

Even though we use real swiss potato juice, our essential oils cause a pleasing smell.

No tacky finish

The cream is absorbed fast and hydrates the skin immediately after use.

Available as 50ml and 150ml tube, 2ml Sachet and 550ml Pot

Guaranteed Quality

Proprietary formula and 100% confidence in our suppliers guarantee the best quality.

15+ Years of success

The potato cream has a success story of over 15 years in Switzerland as well as in other countries worldwide.

Very well tolerated

It contains a natural base with organic potato juice and minerals and no fragrances.


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